Eishin Nose is a Jazz pianist, composer and arranger, currently residing in New York City.
Eishin has drawn worldwide attention for his unique vision, free creative style and passionate expression.
As a performer and composer, he possesses a distinct voice with individual lyrical melodious, rich sophisticated harmonies, boldly dynamic rhythms and effortlessly cool undertones.

Eishin grew up in the beautiful town of Otaru in Hokkaido, Japan.
He began studying classical piano at the age of 4.
At 10 years old, he began mastering the clarinet and collaborating with an orchestra.
By the age of 19, Eishin started professionally as a music artist and embarked on his journey to becoming a world-renowned Jazz musician.

Eishin moved to California in 1992 to study at Foothill College south of San Francisco, where he performed as pianist in a Jazz band. He joined the Jazz vocal group, “Fun Fair”, which toured venues & Jazz festivals all around the Bay Area. Fun Fair released their first album in 1995, and won the 18th Annual Downbeat Magazine Award.
That same year, Eishin moved to New York City, where he enrolled at the renowned Mannes College of Music and The New School, where he obtained a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree in Music.
He studied with Richie Beirach, Jackie Byard, Phil Markowiz, Barry Harris & Russ Lossing, as well as with classical pianist, German Diaz.

Eishin has since collaborated with dozens of phenomenal musicians over the years including, James Cammack, Matt Wilson, Gregorie Maret, Yosuke Inoue, Eliot Zigmund, Jeff Williams, Tim Armacost, Satoshi Takeishi, Dave Ambrosi, Joe Morello, Pheeroan Aklaff, Lonnie Plaxico, Duan Cook, David Smith, Taro Koyama, Shunzo Ohno, Fukushi Tainaka, Satoshi Inoue, Rikiya Higashihara, Sumiko Yoseyama, Brooklyn Gig Band, and many others.

“Here Now Hear”, Eishin’s first album was released in 2001 featuring Yosuke Inoue on bass, Matt Wilson on drums, and Gregorie Maret on harmonica. One of his compositions from his album, “Remember to Remember” was featured on the international television channel “News Express FCI” in the United States and JSTV “FNN NEWS” in Europe.

In 2003, Eishin was awarded the 95th Annual Gold Disc Award by the popular Japanese Jazz magazine, "Swing Journal".
In 2009, Eishin was awarded the S&R Foundation’s Washington Award, presented annually to talented young artists in any of the fields of fine arts, music, drama, dance, photography, and film. The award is especially intended to encourage these individuals who contribute significantly to international collaboration. So far, Eishin is the only person to win for Jazz.

Eishin's dynamic and lyrical sounds coupled with his bold and adventurous qualities as a composer and Jazz performer, find him making numerous appearances at such legendary venues as the “BLUE NOTE”, “Stone” & “Knitting Factory” in New York City, as well as “Kitara Hall”, “Ooga Hall” and “BLUE NOTE” in Japan.
In addition to his Jazz works, Eishin has also collaborated with the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra in Japan improvising on the George Gershwin classic “Rhapsody in Blue”, to prodigious acclaim.

Eishin is a prolific composer, whose portfolio exceeds well over one hundred pieces of original music, and twelve albums. His innovative works have been heard on television and films, most recently in the feature film, "The Moment, Desire of Photographer" directed by Keibun Miyamoto.

Eishin Nose continues to explore multi-cultural music as an innovative improviser and composer conveying his intrinsic talent and unique sound to people all over the world.


1995 Downbeat Magazine Award
2003 Swing Journal Gold Disc
2009 S&R Washington Award


Eishin Nose Trio in New York Blue Note
Solo Piano in Sapporo Concert Hall “Kitara”
Playing Rhapsody in Blue with Sapporo Symphony Orchestra in Sapporo Concert Hall “Kitara”
Playing Rhapsody in Blue with Sapporo Symphony Orchestra in Otaru Civil Hall
Playing Rhapsody in Blue with Sapporo Symphony Orchestra in Kitara
NHK FM “Session 2012” Trio J-Yorkers:Yosuke Inoue(b) Taro Koyama(ds)
Eishin Nose+Satoshi Takeishi in Washington DC at Evermay
Karuizawa Jazz Festival, solo
Kanazawa Jazz Street solo, duo with Satoshi Takeishi
Eishin Nose and Yuji Nara(World Music) Duo for Ainu event in Hokkaido
Concert in Mazatlan, Mexico for The 400th Anniversary of Japan-Mexico Friendship
The Gate Eishin Nose+Satoshi Takeishi in Washington DC at Kennedy Center
The Gate Japan Tour
Solo piano at "Otaru Marine Hall", used NewYork Steinway piano made in 1912
THE GATE Japan Tour, at Doshin Hall in Sapporo, Ebisu Garden Room, and more


“Here Now Hear” Trio+1: Gregorie Maret(harmonica) Mat Wilson(ds) Yosuke Inoue(b)
“Home Sweet Home” J-Yorkers: Yosuke Inoue(b) Taro Koyama(ds)
“Burning Blue” Solo piano
“Inside Out Dream” Trio: Dave Ambrosio(b) Satoshi Takeishi(ds) Eliot Zigmond(ds)
“THE GATE” Live album. Eishin Nose+Satoshi Takeishi
“Waiting” Trio with James Cammack(b) Duan Cook(ds)
“Kitara Solo Concert” Solo Piano
“THE GATE, 2012 Live in Shibuya” Eishin Nose+Satoshi Takeishi
“THE GATE, Japan Tour 2011~2012” Eishin Nose+Satoshi Takeishi
“Kamuifumu Ureshipamoshiri Ikorokoro” Eishin Nose+Yuji Nara(World Music)
“RITUALS” Eishin Nose+Satoshi Takeishi
Studio recording “Pico Pico” Eishin Nose+Satoshi Takeishi
The first ballad album “HEAVEN’S DREAM” Solo piano

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“Nose's bend for pure improvisational music is evident. Nose does have a gift for composition and delivers several note worthy scores. Eishin Nose is not content with performing traditional jazz preferring the freedom that improvisation brings.  He continues expressing  the depth of his feelings through creative, intricate and challenging music”
By Jazz Writer, Edward Blanco

“As a pianist and an artist, he built the music with free creative mind just like a painter drawing on canvas”
By Jazz Writer, Yhu Masahiko

“Exciting, Powerful and Beautiful”
Photographer,  Katsumi Kurikami






Critics (Japanese)



+Eishin Nose Manhattan Trio : James Cammack(b), Duan Cook(b)
From the recording, “Waiting”
6k5 110th
Jangle Jazz
Let us proceed
Inconspicuos space

+Eishin Nose NY Trio : Dave Ambrosio(b),  Eliot Zigmund(ds),  Satoshi Takeishi(ds)
Inside out dream(used for movie)
Nobody else particular

+J-Yorkers : Yosuke Inoue(b), Taro Koyama(ds)
Kojyo no Tsuki


+Duo with Percussion
THE GATE : Eishin Nose + Satoshi Takeishi

The Gate Live in Kennedy Center, Washington D.C.

From the Album “Rituals”

From the Album “The Gate live in New York”
Feeling of Gospel
When a Dinosaur’s pissed off
The Gate

From the Album “The Gate live in Shibuya”
Awamori Dance


From the Album “solo at Sapporo Concert Hall, Kitara”
The Lure
Awamori Dance

Eishin Nose + Orchestra
Rhapsody in Blue with Sapporo Symphony Orchestra

Eishin Nose + Classic Pianists
Improvise Bach Goldberg

Rhapsody in Blue with Shunsuke Inada

Eishin Nose + Latin Percussion(Live in Mexico)
Burning Blue

Eishin Nose + World Music
Nara + Eishin

Eishin Nose + Fashion Show

Eishin Nose + Kids


in Washington D.C.
in Mexico
in Japan